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"Terrayn changed our business"

Dockside Cannabis was looking to grow and expand in their local Washington markets.

Their Challenges

Before working with Strattex, Dockside Cannabis was doing very well but was still looking for more growth. What allowed Dockside to stand out from the crowd was their focus on building a strong and consistent brand across all of their locations, as well as unmatched customer service and an extensive selection of the best cannabis in Washington.

While these qualities made them a clear choice to their existing customers, they were still having trouble getting new qualified customers in the door due to the extremely competitive cannabis market in Seattle. Because the leadership team at Dockside was focused building awareness of their brand throughout Seattle, they knew they had to find a way to help their 4 locations stand out from the crowd online.

Because their brand, product and customer service were so strong, they knew that if they could figure out how to get better exposure online, growth would follow.

Our Solutions

After a few strategy sessions with Dockside and their team, we knew we had found a great client that was a natural fit for our team. We love working with motivated, growth-minded dispensaries and Dockside is exactly that. Overall, their biggest goals for the 4 Seattle dispensaries were more foot traffic, more new customers, more revenue, and an all-encompassing goal of explosive growth.

From there, we quickly began work on optimizing:

  • Their website to boost organic and on-page demand generation strategies
  • Their Google My Business listing so that they would show up on google maps when people searched locally
  • Their location data by auditing, cleaning, and expanding distribution of their localized data and geo-relevance signals in the RIGHT places and in the RIGHT way.

After the initial onboarding onto our platform and the above optimizations, the growth began. In just a few weeks the results were evident. Within just one month after onboarding all their major metrics had tripled. Clicks to their website, Calls to their business, and direction requests had all increased by a factor of 3 in just under 1 month.

In the ensuing months, all their key metrics have continued to grow at a rapid pace. As of October 31, 2019 Dockside Cannabis has seen an increase of 649% in website actions, 745% increase in calls, and a 1,035% increase in direction requests.

Our HyperLocal platform has truly impacted Dockside's bottom line, and it will for your dispensary as well.

Visual Results

Key Actions Explained

  • Directions - The number of times users requested driving directions to a business's location from their Google My Business Listing.
  • Calls - The number of times users clicked on phone number to call the business from their Google My Business Listing.
  • Clicks - The number of times users clicked on the link to visit the business's website from their Google My Business Listing.
  • Searches - The number of times the business's Google My Business Listing was shown to users in their search results.

Actions Displayed From April 19th, 2019 - Oct. 31, 2019

They did it with Terrayn, so can you.


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Dockside Cannabis was looking to grow and expand in their local Washington markets.

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