Grow Sales By Creating Positive Customer Experiences

How Creating Positive Customer Experiences Can Lead To More Sales

So here’s the deal, from the consumer perspective, there are usually an almost unlimited number of dispensaries to choose from. People tend to buy from wherever they can get the best deal, and dispensaries are already in a constant battle of who has the best deals and who can bring their prices down the most without going bankrupt. Something else has to give on why consumers choose to go to one dispensary over another. 

As a cannabis consumer and dispensary visitor myself, I believe that it comes down to who you like. Which dispensary has the best, most personable budtenders that don’t scoff when you walk in the door, but are excited to help you? Who do you trust to answer your questions and make knowledgeable recommendations?



Market Your People

My recommendation is to host a Budtender Q&A Session where customers can ask all of the cannabis related questions that they might feel guilty taking the time to ask while they’re making their usual purchase of two joints. This can also provide an opportunity to build a relationship outside of cannabis on topics like music, sports, art, etc.


Why Is This Important?

  • Build Trust – 87% of customers expect sales professionals to serve as trusted advisors 
  • Foster Positive Experiences – 89% of customers will return if they have a positive customer service experience
  • Personalize the Experience – 80% of customers are more likely to buy from a company if they receive personalized experiences



How To Do It

  • Pick a weekend day when there isn’t a lot else going on in your community and set up in your parking lot so anyone driving by will be able to see you as well (think tables, tents, balloons, etc.). 
  • Keep budtenders on a rotational schedule between outside and in store (people are going to want to make purchases!). 
  • Highlight the knowledge of each of your budtenders; maybe you have a table designated for your expert on concentrates and another for flower.  
  • Have budtenders give out coupons to customers after going through the Q&A session that are personalized to what they talked about that are only good for that day (conversation about flower = discount on flower).
  • Promote your event through word of mouth at the dispensary as well as online on sites like Eventbrite and Meetup.



Benefits to Reputation Management

  • Positive Experiences = Positive Reviews – 92% of customers say they are motivated to leave a positive review after a great experience 
  • Word of Mouth – If customers like your store they are more likely to tell their friends and family; 90% of people trust recommendations from people they know


Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, in order for this to work, you have to actually have good budtenders. Make sure you are investing in your staff and keeping them happy so that everything can trickle down.

I believe that once consumers feel a connection to your staff, whether they have been to your dispensary before or not, it will create long term happy customers that are more willing to spend more money each time they come in. 


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