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In the competitive cannabis industry, achieving a tangible return on investment for your cannabis marketing efforts is paramount. At Terrayn, our team is made up of former dispensary marketing managers, operational leaders, and seasoned digital marketing experts. As a leading cannabis marketing agency, we specialize in delivering ROI-driven cannabis marketing solutions tailored specifically for dispensaries.

Our Suite of Dispensary Marketing Services

From precision-targeted local customer acquisition strategies and cutting-edge SEO services to innovative retail software solutions and expert consulting, we empower dispensary owners and managers to maximize their marketing budget, enhance their digital footprint, and drive unparalleled growth. We’ve launched hundreds of successful dispensary marketing campaigns since our inception. Partner with our cannabis marketing agency team to transform how your dispensary connects with customers and stands out in the ever-growing cannabis marketplace.

“Terrayn was immediately impactful to our retail operation. We saw significant improvements right away, including increases in search exposure, as well as new customer engagement. Their team is knowledgeable when it comes to SEO, as well as being experts in the cannabis industry and digital marketing.”

Our cannabis content writing services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored for the dynamic cannabis industry, focusing on engaging and educating your audience while enhancing your online presence. From captivating copywriting that highlights your brand’s unique value to SEO-optimized website and ecommerce content designed to attract and retain your target audience, our specialized cannabis content writers craft narratives that resonate deeply with readers. Terrayn ensures your dispensary stands out, attracts more customers, and fosters a strong community around your brand.

Terrayn’s Retail Business Intelligence Software empowers cannabis dispensaries to gain a competitive edge by consolidating sales and public competitor data into a single platform for a comprehensive market view. This enables informed decision-making, trend identification, and market share growth. By merging internal data with local market insights, dispensaries can enhance their unique value proposition and distribute key information across their teams, fostering informed decisions across the business and informing your dispensary marketing strategy.

Terrayn’s Cannabis eCommerce Optimization Services are designed to significantly enhance the online retail presence of cannabis dispensaries. Leveraging extensive retail experience and deep cannabis industry insights, Terrayn offers tailored dispensary eCommerce strategies that improve user experience, boost conversions, and increase revenue. We provide customizable optimization solutions, adapting to the unique aspects of each cannabis business, from boutique CBD brands to full-scale cannabis retailers, to foster customer attraction, retention, and long-term growth.

Terrayn enables dispensaries to gain a competitive advantage and cultivate customer loyalty through personalized and innovative loyalty programs. By leveraging an in-depth understanding of cannabis consumer behavior, Terrayn crafts loyalty initiatives tailored to increase customer retention, repeat business, and average order value, fostering enhanced engagement and lasting connections. Terrayn’s services are customizable to fit the unique needs of each dispensary, from boutique shops to larger enterprises, ensuring loyalty strategies that not only reward customers but also drive significant business growth.

Our reputation management services are designed to significantly boost your dispensary’s online presence, which is crucial for success in the competitive cannabis market. With expert strategies and profound cannabis industry knowledge, Terrayn helps dispensaries enhance their digital image, secure positive reviews, and handle customer feedback effectively. Our approach is tailored to the unique aspects of the cannabis market, ensuring your reputation management not only enhances your image but also adheres to industry trends, regulations, and consumer expectations.

Our dispensary SEO services are invaluable to cannabis businesses aiming to strengthen and grow their online presence in a digital-first landscape. With an adept team that merges profound cannabis industry insights with advanced SEO techniques, Terrayn enhances your dispensary’s online visibility, attracts relevant local traffic, and boosts online and in-store sales. Offering customizable SEO plans, Terrayn caters to each dispensary’s unique challenges, goals, and budgets, ensuring services are tailored to specific needs without unnecessary costs. Our unmatched understanding of the cannabis market enables us to develop SEO strategies that effectively target your ideal customers, keeping you ahead in industry trends and compliant with regulations.

We offer cannabis website design services that are specifically crafted to boost dispensary growth in the competitive cannabis sector. As the foundation of your digital presence, our bespoke web designs go beyond aesthetics to function as dynamic storefronts that engage customers and showcase products 24/7. With a profound understanding of the cannabis industry’s unique demands, Terrayn is your go-to cannabis web design agency for solutions that captivate your audience, drive engagement, and accelerate sales, ensuring your dispensary not only stands out but thrives.

Solving Other Challenges

We are always available to help solve new challenges, whether leveraging our team or our network of partners that offer insight and value to the cannabis industry far beyond what Terrayn ever could alone.

Real Success Stories From Real Clients

The Green Solution

With the expansion and ultimately a profitable exit from the industry in mind, The Green Solution leveraged Terrayn’s customer acquisition capabilities to increase their value. After growing from 14 to 21 stores, TGS sold for $140 million.

From the Earth

FTE absolutely exploded when the Missouri market transitioned from medical- to adult-use legalization. Terrayn helped position them for this success by establishing dominance of the local digital market before the transition.

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