Retail Business Intelligence Software

Use your data to create an advantage and win your local retail competition. Combine data from your point of sale with the publicly available data from your local competition to see the whole picture. Make informed decisions, identify trends and opportunities, and grow your share of the market.

Collect & Share Data Into One Central Location

Leverage your data to make a real impact on your business. Combine your data with local market data to stand out from the competition and maintain your unique value proposition. Share this information with your team to empower informed decision-making at all levels of your business.

Access Local Market Data

Local Pricing Trends

Maintain your value proposition and margins while keeping ahead of the ever-changing prices in your local market.

Competition Pricing

Collect valuable market data to understand pricing and product trends from your local competition without hours of payroll or your own time. Easily determine how your prices compare to your local competitors to maintain both margins and value proposition.

Competition Products

Getting customers to leave reviews for their positive experiences is hard enough, don’t let those opportunities go to waste! Track your store’s performance and engage with your biggest fans by responding to reviews.

Make Your Data Work For You

KPI Dashboard

The essential business intelligence data for any retailer is available directly from your point-of-sale software. Aggregate that data from your entire fleet, track key performance indicators, and share insights with your team to empower informed decisions throughout your company.

Product Performance

Track your product sales by category to identify trends in consumer purchasing habits and the impact of promotions. Restock top-selling skus quickly and dig deeper into why some items are not moving off your shelves.

Staff Performance

Sync your individual retail staff to your overall business goals with individual performance metrics for each staff member. Motivate your team with a staff leaderboard, identify key individuals to staff during peak opportunities, and uncover coaching needs for your lowest performers.

Basket Analysis

Dig deeper into the trends in your customer’s purchase habits. Bucket data into ranges to uncover how much your customers are purchasing and identify opportunities to boost your average order value.

Customer Acquisition

Understand what is driving more customers to your business and invest in the message that resonates with your local audience.

Google Reviews

Manage reviews from all of your locations in one easy-to-use dashboard. Respond to your most vocal customers, both positive and negative, to earn the trust of potential customers in your area.