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Ten Tips for a First Time Smoker

Becca D'Andrea

Tips for a First Time Smoker

Cannabis is one of Mother Nature’s most precious and wonderful gifts to us. For first time smokers, there is usually some fear that comes along with that first toke from movies and news that over exaggerate the experience. It is not scary at all - in fact, it is quite the is truly the most euphoric experience!

Just a note before we dive in - be prepared to not get high. Can you get high your first time? For sure, but just be prepared to not truly feel the effects. If you don’t succeed in getting high the first time, try again!

Before you smoke -

Tip #1 - 

Make sure you are in a comfortable place wearing comfortable clothes before you start smoking. You cannot drive, so make sure you have surrounded yourself with people who make you feel relaxed and are okay with weed being smoked. I remember smoking for one of my first times with someone who thought weed was the devil and it was the most awkward 4 hours of my life...I kept feeling paranoid due to the dirty looks she was giving me. 

Tip #2 - 

Make sure you have PLENTY of water and the snacks you love. Cottonmouth - aka dry mouth - is a typical side effect of cannabis usage, so I make sure to always have my water bottle filled at all times. Also, since you are not driving, make sure to stock up on snacks before. I love any fresh fruit (it also helps with the cotton mouth!) and anything crunchy. You will come up with some interesting recipes when you are stoned!

Tip #3 -

When you go to the dispensary, make sure you have - your valid ID and cash. I cannot tell you how many people I had to turn away when I worked as a budtender in Denver, CO because they either did not have a valid ID or they just had a credit card. When you are in the dispensary, make sure you ask plenty of questions - your budtenders are there to help! Lastly, although it is not required, a tip of even just a dollar is always such a nice gift to a budtender who has helped you pick out your perfect first strain. Budtenders are much like bartenders - you wouldn’t leave without tipping them, would you?

Tip #4 - 

If you are really worried about trying cannabis, I suggest a CBD heavy strain. THC and CBD are very similar except THC has a psychoactive compound, whereas CBD does not. THC is what causes the “high” associated with cannabis - which sometimes comes with anxiety and paranoia. A CBD heavy strain mellows out the THC - it can ease certain symptoms of being an anxious person and is known to counteract some of THC’s anxious side effects. My sister LOVES CBD, but does not like the feeling of getting high so she will always opt for a CBD heavy strain. 

Tip #5 -

Pick how you smoke wisely - I started off using a bowl, which eased me into getting high. I have a friend who smoked a bong for the first time and it stopped him from getting high for a few years after that because the high was so intense. Joints are also an easy way to get high for the first time and most dispensaries sell pre rolls for a reasonable price.

While smoking -

Tip #6 - 

Make sure you inhale! It is very easy to just keep the smoke in your mouth, but you will not get high unless that smoke goes into your lungs. The first time I finally inhaled correctly, I was transported to another planet - I was happy, giggly, and stoned out of my mind. It took a few tries from my elephant bowl before I truly felt that euphoric feeling of being high.

Tip #7 - 

Smoking etiquette! I am sure you have heard the phrase, “Puff, puff pass.” This is applicable while smoking a joint or blunt - take two hits and then pass it to the next person. If you have a bowl, since it is smaller, proper etiquette is taking one hit and then passing it along. There is also nothing worse than someone who just talks while they let the joint burn, so make sure you wait to tell your story until after you have taken your hits - “It’s a joint, not a microphone!”

After smoking - 

Tip #8 - 

If you are feeling anxious, laugh - laughter is our greatest medicine! It also releases endorphins into your body - the body’s natural feel-good chemical, which promotes an overall sense of well-being and temporary anxiety and pain relief. Laughter is how we see and feel happiness, so make sure you use it if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Tip #9 -

Clear your schedule for the whole day after you smoke! You are going to be a little fuzzy after you get high, so the last thing you will want to do is anything - especially work and meetings! I suggest cozying up in the L part of a sectional and putting on a funny movie - my go to is either Step Brothers or Dazed and Confused

Tip #10 - 

Enjoy! Smoking weed is one of the greatest things I ever discovered. It helps me relax when I’m anxious, it helps me smile when I’m sad, and it was how I made the vast majority of my friends in college at the University of Vermont. Smoking weed should be pleasurable, so just enjoy yourself and keep on laughing!

Once you get the hang of smoking, you should try all types - indica, sativa, hybrid, joints, bongs, bowls, blunts...the sky is the limit - and so is your high! All in all, make sure you are somewhere safe and comfortable, have everything you need, and just sit back and enjoy the high!

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