Baklinski Home Repair & Improvement

How we increased calls by 278% for this small business in just 6 months.

Digital Customer Acquisition

When Baklinski Home Repair first came to us, they were in a tight spot. Between managing the day-to-day business operations and trying to run unsuccessful Google Ads, their one-man team was spread a bit too thin. After investing thousands of dollars into Google Ads without any notable ROI and nearly no digital presence, they knew they needed a different approach. It was time to call in the experts.

How We Did It

With a business model that includes a wide range of services including roofing, custom decks, interior and exterior painting, remodeling, and other additional handyman services in Seattle, Baklinski Home Repair’s projects often involve repairs that are reactive to storms or other events.

Since many of their potential customers find themselves in a panic, suddenly in need of home repair services, they often end up calling the first business they see when searching online. Knowing this, we knew our immediate game plan had to involve a two-fold SEO approach.

By combining a focus on local organic search exposure with a content strategy concentrated on highlighting their higher margin services that aren’t reliant on weather events and dependent on insurance payouts, we were able to create a scalable, custom SEO blueprint for Baklinski.

Strategic Rankings with Custom SEO Strategy

Increase Organic Exposure

Organic local search and Google Maps rankings led to increased impression, which led to increased clicks, which led to increased calls, which led to more paying jobs.

Target Relevant Customers

Targeting high-value keywords with local purchase intent sets up the domino effect that turns searches into paying customers.

Optimize for Calls

Calls from relevant customers have increased by 278% year-over-year in just 6 months.

Why? We understand it’s the most valuable action a customer can take for this client and prioritized that conversion.

Maximizing Exposure in Local Search Results

After setting a strong foundation with keyword research as well as location and competitor analysis, we turned our efforts to maximizing Baklinski’s local organic search exposure by optimizing their Google Business Profile and ensuring they were accurately listed on the most important and relevant local listing directories.

Since most of their projects are initiated by a phone call, we focused our optimizations on getting prospective customers to pick up their phone and call our client. This also included enhancing website user experience, mobile responsiveness, and (most importantly) adding strategic call-to-actions to prompt prospects to call. 

Converting Clicks to Customers

As of September 2023, Baklinski Home Repair has already seen a 62% increase in clicks to their website year-over-year.

But our most exciting improvement involves their most important metric: calls. 

Calls from relevant customers have increased by 278% year-over-year in just 6 months.

Rounding Out Our Tailored SEO Solution

With Baklinski quickly dominating their local search results, they were able to easily see the impact of our efforts and collaboration in real time.

Following our custom SEO blueprint, our next steps include a content strategy concentrated on targeting relevant consumers in need of Baklinski’s higher-margin services. This will allow them to bring in more projects that rely less on insurance claims while taking on a proactive home services approach for the homeowner.