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HyperLocal marketing is a form of digital marketing that targets the local, motivated buyers in your neighborhood. This is not social media marketing or pay-per-click advertising. Our solutions use a combination of local and geo-based tactics (local SEO, website optimization, Google My Business updates, etc.) to ensure the buyers in your area find you.

There's no way to 100% guarantee we'll drive the right traffic on our first go, although we've got the experience and track record to prove that's exactly what we've done for the vast majority of campaigns. The only guarantee we can 100% offer is that we'll continue to work on your campaign, diving into more research of your local market and implementing new strategies and tactics until we get it right: as if it was our own business on the line. We won't quit until we get the results you hired us for.

We work with companies all over the USA. We are selective about which dispensaries we choose to partner with. To see if you qualify, please use the buttons on this page to apply.

Yes, as of now, we only work with companies in the United States & Canada. Hyperlocal marketing is not the same in other countries, so we cannot guarantee results. International testing is underway and we look forward to expanding the global impact of HyperLocal solutions.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is when you add keywords to your website, engage in back-linking practices, and increase your Domain Authority in order to rank higher for ORGANIC search results. Hyperlocal marketing includes standard SEO, a targeted local SEO approach, and a wide variety of other marketing tactics.