Bellisima Laser Hair Removal

How we increased calls by 575% under 2 months.

Customer Acquisition via Local Exposure

When Bellissima Laser Hair Removal first came to us, they were ready to expand their reach to new customers in their local area. Having previously partnered with Terrayn on their laser tattoo removal company, they knew that we could help them maximize their local exposure and assist in bringing in additional revenue.

Between managing the daily business operations, expanding to new locations, and commuting between different states, their two-man team had reached its limit. After doing what they believed was the basics of marketing, including social media, creating a website, and setting up their Google Business Profile, they felt as if they’d hit a brick wall in their attempts to draw in more customers.

It was time to recruit expert assistance.

How We Did It

With a business model that includes a wide range of laser hair removal services at extremely competitive prices, Bellissima needed a way to highlight their business against the many competitors in their areas. In order to increase exposure and communication with potential clients, they needed a way to draw attention to their prices and online booking services.

Through collaboration with the client, competitive analysis, and hours of research, Terrayn created a custom SEO approach that includes four parts: utilize HyperLocal Plus to increase their local exposure , implement a blog strategy utilizing Terrayn’s in-house writers to craft content targeting high volume keywords relevant to their local area, a complete website SEO overhaul to optimize every possible detail for maximum reach, and the creation of individual pricing pages specific to their provided services as well as bilingual pages to reach a larger targeted audience.

After discussing their needs, Bellissima and Terrayn agreed that highlighting their in-house financing options and creating pages relevant to their consumers was key to creating a well rounded, custom SEO blueprint for Bellissima.

Strategic Rankings with Custom SEO Strategy

Increase Organic Exposure

Organic local search and Google Maps rankings led to increased impression, which led to increased clicks, which led to increased calls, which led to more paying jobs.

Target Relevant Customers

Targeting high-value keywords with local purchase intent sets up the domino effect that turns searches into paying customers.

Optimize for Calls

Calls from relevant customers have increased by 278% year-over-year in just 6 months.

Why? We understand it’s the most valuable action a customer can take for this client and prioritized that conversion.

Optimize for Calls

Calls from relevant customers have increased by 278% year-over-year in just 6 months.

Why? We understand it’s the most valuable action a customer can take for this client and prioritized that conversion.

Maximizing Exposure in Local Search Results

Having established a solid base through in-depth keyword exploration and a thorough analysis of the local landscape and its competitors, our attention shifted towards enhancing Bellissima’s visibility in local organic search results. This involved both fine-tuning their Google Business Profile and ensuring their accurate presence on vital local directory listings.

Given that a significant portion of their business inquiries come via phone calls, the optimization efforts were geared towards encouraging potential customers to reach out via phone. This encompassed improving their website user experience, ensuring mobile responsiveness, and notably, strategically integrating call-to-action prompts used to inspire potential clients to make that crucial phone call that can aid in driving revenue to their location.

Converting Clicks to Customers

By September 2023, Bellissima Laser Hair Removal had already witnessed a remarkable surge of 176% in website clicks compared to the previous year.

Yet, the most thrilling enhancement pertains to their paramount performance indicator: incoming calls.

In a mere three months, they have experienced an impressive 456% surge in calls from pertinent customers compared to the same period last year.

Completing Our Custom SEO Solution

As Bellissima swiftly establishes its authority in local search rankings, they can readily observe the tangible results of our efforts, particularly the increased volume of meaningful conversations with customers who discovered them via their Google Business Profile (GBP).

In line with our bespoke SEO plan, our next actions involve rolling out tailored blog posts that shine a spotlight on local keywords and emphasize the essence of their brand. This will enable them to expand their online presence even further in search results when prospective customers seek information related to Bellissima’s competitive pricing and exceptional service.