Bloom, Montana

Fractional marketing department for a chain of over 30 locations across the state.

Dispensary Marketing Strategy

Bloom is a successful multi-location dispensary operating in Montana. They have great locations, create a consistently quality product, impactful local partnerships, and work with Terrayn for their dispensary marketing efforts. This match made in heaven kicked off shortly after regulations in Montana transitioned from legalized medical- to adult-use cannabis. The first tactic we deployed was our HyperLocal customer acquisition strategy with the goal of leveraging key online searches to drive traffic.

GBP Impressions: +157% | GBP Clicks for Directions: +92% | GBP Website Clicks: +91%

How We Did It

The results speak for themselves: Out of 22 total stores, 16 utilized HyperLocal. These stores enjoyed 72% more new customers than the 9 that did not utilize HyperLocal. Although not the primary goal of this strategy, the 16 outperformed the 9 in eCommerce revenue by over 23%. With the size of their operation, Bloom’s efforts to optimize their digital presence has already earned over $100k in revenues and will continue to grow. This strategy works for operators of all sizes, but it requires a quality operation to make the most of the boost in traffic and capitalize on the revenue potential. 

Our next dispensary marketing tactic was all about optimizing the tech stack, starting with customer loyalty and eCommerce. Our team’s experience as dispensary marketing managers, shop managers and other operational roles played a pivotal role in this effort. Taking lessons learned from previous campaigns and combining them with in-depth research, we were able to quickly optimize menus embedded on the Bloom website to increase both the number of transactions and the average order value.

Additionally, we assessed the need for more creative assets. With our team working remotely from all across the country, we needed a local partner for high quality photography. No problem! Knowing what assets were needed was the key. From there we identified a quality partner and quickly collected amazing images of the locations, people and products to utilize across all sorts of digital and traditional campaigns. 

Integrated Dispensary Marketing Strategies

Increase Organic Exposure

Organic local search and Google Maps rankings led to increased impression, which led to increased clicks, which led to increased calls, which led to more paying jobs.

Target Relevant Customers

Targeting high-value keywords with local purchase intent sets up the domino effect that turns searches into paying customers.

Optimize for Calls

Calls from relevant customers have increased by 278% year-over-year in just 6 months.

Why? We understand it’s the most valuable action a customer can take for this client and prioritized that conversion.

Maximizing Exposure in Local Search Results

Now, these tactics could have been tackled in-house for Bloom — a couple of new hires or allocating existing human resources was possible. The costs, however, would have been multiplied. Both in terms of financial allocation as well as the time to implement all campaigns. For less than the cost of a single employee, Bloom is leveraging the capabilities and insights from a team that pulls from the experience of multiple roles within the dispensary ecosystem and multiple markets across the US. Rather than investing time in training a new employee, they were able to deploy our entire team with immediate impact and even lean on our expertise to train employees.

Since most of their projects are initiated by a phone call, we focused our optimizations on getting prospective customers to pick up their phone and call our client. This also included enhancing website user experience, mobile responsiveness, and (most importantly) adding strategic call-to-actions to prompt prospects to call.