How to Increase Dispensary Sales with Cannabis Education

How to Increase Dispensary Sales with Cannabis Education

If you’re trying to figure out how to increase dispensary sales, consider leaning into cannabis consumer education. Knowledge serves as the bedrock of a rewarding customer journey in any industry. An enlightening exploration of cannabis customer education within the retail sphere can not only build loyalty to your dispensary but also increase the lifetime value of a customer. Education quickly becomes a backbone within your dispensary marketing strategy. Strategic presentation of product information integrated with your visual merchandising, the power of digital communication, the significance of staff education, the wonders of the actual plant and the invaluable contributions of local experts that grow it can come together to create a unique and compelling customer journey that adds value to your cannabis retail operation.

I. Strategic Product Information and Merchandising

Informative Displays

Craft engaging displays rich in product information, including cannabinoid profiles and usage recommendations, guiding customers to informed choices. Displays can include multiple consumption types for a single strain or desired effect. Cannabinoids or terpene profiles are great focal points for displays.

Educational Signage

Enhance displays with educational signage detailing cannabis strain information and alternate consumption methods is another great way to strategically increase dispensary sales. Utilize QR codes for deeper dives into product knowledge, connecting to your website, popular social media posts, and other digital educational content. Signage in your store should include information that will help a customer understand more about the product and give them a reason to make a purchase. For example, education about CBD products can include the ability to counteract the feeling of being “too high”.

II. How to Increase Dispensary Sales Through Digital Communication

Interactive Websites

Extending the learning online with interactive websites offering articles, videos, and product guides for seamless access to cannabis education is another great way to increase dispensary sales. Create an educational journey that guides your customers deeper into the science behind the industry and includes opportunities to place eCommerce orders.

Engaging Social Media

Utilize your dispensary’s social media platforms to share educational content, fostering a community of informed enthusiasts and positioning your dispensary as a trusted knowledge hub through as many channels as possible. Social media is a great place to engage with your customers; make sure to respond to comments and even engage with other cannabis education posts. Remember to use hashtags, they can help organize your educational content and push it to a larger audience.

III. Staff Education: Empowering Ambassadors of Knowledge

Comprehensive Training Programs

Equipping staff with comprehensive training on cannabis science and effective communication not only empowers them to guide customers with confidence, it can ultimately help to increase dispensary sales, too. Knowledge of the scientific side of cannabis is a great way to lead the conversation to product suggestions or comments about personal experiences. Including examples of how to incorporate cannabis science into sales situations can set your team up to successfully employ their new knowledge!

Effective Communication Skills

Train staff to translate complex information into accessible insights, fostering educational conversations and enriching the customer experience. Dropping facts or forcing the conversation beyond the depth of a customer’s comfort level can actually work against your ability to increase their lifetime value or even prompt a return visit. Make sure to emphasize how to educate customers, meeting each new customer where they are at in their personal cannabis journey.

IV. The World of Cannabis Science: Unveiling the Botanical Wonders

Cannabis Science Workshops

Another great way to increase dispensary sales is to host workshops to pull back the curtain on the science of the plant, how it’s grown and processed, and how it interacts with the body. Cannabis education topics can include cannabinoids, terpenes, and the endocannabinoid system, enriching the community’s cannabis knowledge and building the foundation to discuss new products with your customers. Upsells to premium products naturally follow in-depth education and can position your dispensary to avoid competing on price.

Educational Materials

Provide supplementary materials exploring cannabis science, empowering customers to deepen their knowledge at their own pace. Handouts at your store can include information about products, consumption methods, new technology or local regulations. Specifically in tourist-heavy areas, information about where visitors can legally smoke can be a valuable resource!

V. Leveraging Local Experts: A Community Approach

Collaboration with Experts

Partner with local cannabis experts for events and educational material, offering unique insights and building connections within the cannabis community. In your search for how to increase dispensary sales, look for experienced growers with a history of quality product, medical doctors with experience in medicinal applications, chefs that deliciously incorporate cannabis into meals, and other individuals with unique experience and expertise.

Community Q&A Sessions

Organize interactive Q&A sessions, fostering community engagement and facilitating knowledge exchange. Hosting an educational event is a great way to get people to visit your shop or boost brand awareness by participating at other locations. Online Q&A forums through your website, social platforms like Reddit, or your local business community organizations are another great avenue for public cannabis education and a valuable asset when trying to increase dispensary sales.

Cultivating a Community of Informed Enthusiasts

Cannabis customer education transcends mere information dissemination; it cultivates a community of informed enthusiasts. Through strategic presentation, digital connectivity, staff empowerment, scientific exploration, and local collaboration, dispensaries foster an educational ecosystem that enriches the retail experience and nurtures a community bound by knowledge and passion for cannabis.

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