5 Ways To Make Your Dispensary Stand Out

How To Make Your Dispensary Stand Out: 5 Things You Can Do

You’re running a dispensary and you’re not sure how to stand out from your competitors.

Perhaps your dispensary hasn’t opened its doors yet, and you want to stand out from the get-go.

Or maybe you know how to run a cannabis dispensary, but you’d like to take it to the next level.

If any of this rings true with you, then you’re in the right place.

This guide shares five things you can do to make your dispensary stand out and keep customers coming back.

1. Loyalty Programs

You love a good deal. Who doesn’t?

In fact, 54% of consumers say they’d consider doing more business with a company for loyalty rewards.

Loyalty programs give you a way to increase customer retention and hopefully gain new customers as well.

What Types Of Loyalty Programs Are There For a Dispensary?

There are various options when choosing a type of loyalty program. Choose the one (or more than one) that makes sense for your dispensary.

Here are just a few ideas for dispensary loyalty programs:


This option essentially offers the customer a chance to earn points for every purchase they make.

The more they spend, the more points they earn.

Think of it this way:

Phil comes into your dispensary. He only planned on buying one product priced at $35.

But when he’s ready to pay, you tell Phil that by signing up for the points program he could be earning points towards in-store purchases.

This makes Phil think two things:

  1. If I buy more today, I could earn more points.
  2. If I come back, I could earn even more and put those points towards my next purchase.

A points-per-purchase program also encourages the customer to buy exclusively at your dispensary to maximize their earning potential.

Refer A Friend

When referred by a friend, people are four times more likely to make a purchase.

When you offer customers the chance to earn points or rewards for referring someone they know, they’re introducing those high-potential customers to your dispensary for you.

This saves you time and money. Your current customer base becomes your advertising team.

SMS Deals

This method is a quick way to send a message out to all your loyal customers.

If they sign up for SMS deals (deals sent via text message), you can send that deal out to every customer at the same time.

How does this benefit your dispensary?


You have a surplus of a certain product. You’d like to sell off more of your inventory, so you send out a quick text deal that’s valid for that day only.

You can potentially sell out of that product in one day if your deal is worth it to your loyal dispensary customers.

You could even take it one step further and combine this deal with a “Refer a friend” deal.

Loyalty Card Program

A loyalty card program can be orchestrated in a variety of ways, including:

  • Punch cards. The customer can get a punch on their card each time they make a purchase, spend $10+ dollars, buy a specific cannabis product, etc. After a certain number of punches, they get rewarded. 
  • Freebie cards. This can be the size of a credit card or fit on a keychain. When a customer uses it with their purchase, you can give them the “free product of the month/week.” Or they can earn points towards that item.
  • VIP cards. A customer that signs up for the VIP card can get special perks with each purchase, unique discounts, first access to new products, and more.

How Does A Loyalty Program Make Your Dispensary Stand Out?

A loyalty program gives you a way to build trust with your customers. 

It gives them more incentive to buy from you rather than go to a different dispensary since they’ll be rewarded each time.

2. Brand Ambassadors

With so many regulations on advertising for cannabis and dispensaries, you’ll want to maintain a professional status online and in print.

Social media, as you know, is a great way to get your brand out there. All rules must be followed when advertising on social media, but it can be a powerful tool in spreading brand awareness.

This is where brand ambassadors come in.

How Can Brand Ambassadors Make Your Dispensary Stand Out?

Ambassadors can help showcase:

  • New products at your dispensary
  • Different ways to use your products
  • New in-store promotions
  • And more

For their effortsyou can reward brand ambassadors through payment, in-store credits, discounts, and other reward systems.

3. How-To Videos

Some customers may not know all the different ways your products can be used.

You can share how-to videos to engage with the reader and SHOW them all the potential that your products have to offer.

What can they do with your products?

Can they make a new recipe? Is there a new product with cannabis that needs to be demonstrated for proper use?

You’ll also need a way to give your customers access to these videos.

Consider sending each customer home with a little postcard with the links to your videos. Or you can send a text message to your loyal customers with the link to a new video.

How Can How-To Videos Make Your Dispensary Stand Out?

How-to videos show that you want to engage with your customers.

You can help the reader see that you don’t just want them to buy from your dispensary you want them to succeed and get the most out of your products. 

4. Customer Reviews

91% of consumers say they are more likely to use a business that has positive reviews.

But what if you have little to no online reviewsHow do you get people to write them for you to help make your dispensary stand out?

There are various ways you can go about this:

1. Ask Directly

This is the most efficient way to ensure satisfied customers receive your request and follow through.

2. Send An Email Or Text

If a customer has a good experience in your store, follow up with them with a short email or text. Thank them for coming in and ask if they’d be willing to leave online feedback. You can supply the link in the message, too.

Remember to be personable and explain why feedback is important to you.

3. Add A Review Link To Your Website

This is an easy way to generate more online reviews and make your dispensary stand out.

Simply add a review link to your website that takes the reader to a place for Google reviews or another review site.

How Can Customer Reviews Make Your Dispensary Stand Out?

Customers are willing to spend 31% more with a business that has excellent reviews.

Whether positive or negativeconsumers take notice of a business with a high volume of people that were willing to leave a review.

5. Effective Store Interior Design

Wondering how to run a successful dispensary from a design point of view?

The layout of your dispensary, the vibe it gives off, down to the decor. It all makes a difference in customer retention.

Most dispensary customers are seeking relaxation, peace and calm, even pain relief. Let the store be the first step before they even buy anything.

When a customer walks in, they’re expecting open, uncluttered aisles. Place your merchandise strategically to keep the floorspace from being overcrowded.

How Can Effective Interior Design Make Your Dispensary Stand Out?

The interior design of your space is one of the crucial keys to a successful dispensary, along with the customer experience of the layoutThese aspects combined can entice customers to want to come back. 

If they enjoy browsing your products while surrounded by an open and clean environmentdo you think they’ll want to experience that again?Absolutely.

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