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Get the most out of your marketing budget and run your cannabis retail shop like never before with Terrayn's complete suite of services from our experienced cannabis marketing team. Plus, leverage your data to stay ahead of the market with our business intelligence software, combining your point of sale and local market data.
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HyperLocal SEO: Dispensary Customer Acquisition

Get the most out of your marketing budget and run your dispensary like never before. Drive more exposure, traffic, and customers to your dispensary by simply being easy to find online. We'll help you get discovered for the right searches — the ones that lead directly to purchases!
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HyperPerfomance: Dispensary Business Intelligence Software

HyperPerformance is a suite of business intelligence software for dispensaries. Combining data from your point of sale with market data from local menus and sources like Google, you are able to see the whole picture. Empower your team to make informed decisions with access to the right data for each role.
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Win in Weed: Dispensary Marketing & Operations Consulting

Cannabis markets are maturing quicker than ever. Success is no longer guaranteed just by getting into the weed retail game. The "green rush" is over. Leverage our team of industry experts as the one-stop shop to get more customers, more revenue, and more profits.
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Real Success Stories From Real Clients

The Green Solution

With the expansion and ultimately a profitable exit from the industry in mind, The Green Solution leveraged Terrayn's customer acquisition capabilities to increase their value. After growing from 14 to 21 stores, TGS sold for $140 million.
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From the Earth

FTE absolutely exploded when the Missouri market transitioned from medical- to adult-use legalization. Terrayn helped position them for this success by establishing dominance of the local digital market before the transition.
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Easy Solutions For Dispensary Pain Points

Incomplete Data for Dispensaries

Accessing meaningful and accurate data is a struggle for dispensary operators in all US markets. Both internal data about store performance and data about the local market performance and trends are elusive. Bring information together into one place to make effective decisions.
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Inventory & Pricing  for Dispensaries

Shelf space is limited, so make the most of yours by carrying the products that cannabis consumers are seeking. Setting the right price is key to moving inventory quickly and maintaining enough margin to keep enough of the profits to continue to grow your business.
Understand Your Inventory

Managing Reviews for Dispensaries

Getting customers to leave reviews for their positive experiences is hard enough, don't let those opportunities go to waste! Track your store's performance and engage with your biggest fans by responding to reviews.
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Customer Acquisition

Get the most out of your marketing budget and run your dispensary like never before. Drive more exposure, traffic, and customers to your dispensary with our local customer acquisition strategy.
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Loyalty Programs for Dispensaries

Effective loyalty programs can support almost every metric of success for your dispensary. Boosting Average Order Value, Average Purchase Cycle, and Customer Lifetime Value are the key areas of focus to create an impactful program that will actually make a difference for your business.
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Marketing Campaigns for Dispensaries

Get the most out of your marketing budget and run your dispensary like never before with data-driven insights and targeted marketing campaigns. Use strategic content to be found and build your local authority. Repurpose content to run integrated campaigns to reach new and existing customers.
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Competitive Analysis for Dispensaries

Understand your market like never before, without taking up all of your budtenders time. Look at all the menus in your area with an integrated dashboard. Understand pricing trends, dive into product mix and where you stand compared to your local competitors.
Understand Your Market

Learn From Our Team Of Industry Experts

21 Dispensary Marketing Ideas

How do cannabis marketers increase revenue for dispensaries? There’s no easy answer, but the list in this article includes 21 dispensary marketing ideas to help jumpstart the process of earning more customers and generating more revenue.
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Best Dispensary Software

If you’re wondering, what is a good tech stack for dispensaries? The list in this article lays out 10 of the most important parts of a cannabis dispensary tech stack and includes some software recommendations too.
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