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The Green Solution is one of the most popular multi-location dispensary chains in Colorado. With that being said, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the cannabis/marijuana industry in Metro Denver and Colorado is CROWDED.

Just ask anyone who has been to Denver recently and they will tell you that there is a dispensary on every corner because, well, there basically is. As a whole, Denver boasts over 500 dispensaries, and that’s just DENVER!

It’s safe to say The Green Solution was struggling to get found online. Not having a strong online presence in an extremely competitive market is pretty much the kiss of death for any local brick and mortar business. How is a business supposed to survive if people don’t even know they exist and can’t find any trace of them online?

Now, more than ever, location-relevant searches like “dispensary near me” or “Denver Dispensary” are being used to help searchers find the best option in their area. We knew this, and so did The Green Solution. Upon partnering with us, it quickly became our goal to help TGS dominate the Denver dispensary market using our HyperLocal platform.

After numerous strategy sessions with TGS, we decided that we wanted their digital properties to blanket the search results anytime someone searched terms related to “recreational dispensary near me”, “dispensary near me”, “Denver dispensary”, or any related variant.

We quickly began work on optimizing the following:

  • Website – To boost organic and on-page demand generation strategies.
  • Google Business Profile – For increased visibility on google maps when people search locally
  • Location Data – By auditing and expanding distribution of their localized data and geo-relevance signals in the RIGHT places and in the RIGHT way.

It wasn’t long after our initial optimizations that The Green Solution began to see significant increases in visibility and traffic to all of their online properties. In less than 5 months from being onboarded, The Green Solution saw an increase of nearly 600% in Online Discovery.

The boost in online visibility had a huge impact on foot traffic, and TGS locations began to consistently form lines out the door. The problem was no longer how to attain more customers for TGS, but rather, how to keep inventory stocked and provide the best customer experience possible. Overall, we started TGS on HyperLocal on April 9th, 2018 and within the first 3 months they had increased their revenue by 313%. We helped them scale to a total of 23 locations across two states and eventually get acquired by Columbia Care for $140 million.

News headline after Columbia Care successfully aquireded TGS.

Key Actions Explained

  • Directions – The number of times users request driving directions to a business’s location from a Google Business Profile.
  • Calls – The number of times users click on a phone number to call the business from a Google Business Profile.
  • Clicks – The number of times users click on the link to visit the business’s website from a Google Business Profile.
  • Searches – The number of times the business’s Google Business Profile was shown to users in search results.

Actions Displayed From Apr. 2, 2018 – Sept. 30, 2019

“Terrayn has increased our business by 313% and they are by far the best marketing solution we have.”

Mitch Kline

Director of Marketing | The Green Solutions

Imagine if your dispensaries were generating 313% more revenue.

If you’re a growth-minded dispensary looking to boost revenue then we should talk. Chances are your losing out on customers & revenue to your competitors in your local area. We want to help win it back.

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