Dispensary SEO done right.

It's time to stop spending thousands on SEO and getting nothing but useless reports in return. Our Local SEO product is built with dispensaries in mind and guaranteed to drive significant increases in brand exposure.

ROI driven Local SEO for your dispensary.

More foot traffic.

SEO helps your business target relevant traffic which leads to more eyes on your website.

More online orders.

This ensures that customers who come to your online store through search results are high-quality prospects.

More revenue.

By increasing exposure, in-store foot traffic, online orders, and by you providing a great customer experience, increased revenue will also follow.

SEO Marketing Explained

What is it?

SEO marketing focuses on organic search listings that appear below the maps section on Google. It is a locally-driven marketing tool that expands your gains seen across a larger geographic area. It grows the quality and quantity of website traffic via increasing visibility of a website.


How does it work?

SEO works when you add keywords to your website, engage in back-linking practices, and increase your Domain Authority in order to rank higher for organic search results.

Why you need it.

SEO is designed to boost page authority and relevance of your website in Google's eyes. Although it is locally-driven, you will see gains across a larger geographic area, leading to more foot traffic and a wider audience on Google.


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have to be an uphill battle.

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