Why Clicks Actually Matter

Measuring success is an important piece of consistently running successful marketing campaigns. Digital marketing can level the playing field for local businesses by generating valuable data, empowering local operators to fine tune their message to fit their local customers. Learning from digital metrics to make informed decisions about other marketing channels and make the most of your marketing budget.

So it’s important to measure what’s working online, how do I know what’s working? That’s where clicks come in. Strategic clicks are a lead metric that indicate you are on your way to earning a new customer! The actions that lead to a customer purchase differ by business — clicks for directions, calls for appointments, or online sales are common conversions.

Why do clicks matter? It’s simple. The right clicks bring potential customers one step closer to making a purchase with your business. For businesses who want to grow in 2023, understanding and capitalizing on the right clicks can be a make or break move.

What about clicks that aren’t related to a purchase? Not all clicks are equally valuable but can help support your goal in different ways. For example, our HyperLocal customer acquisition strategy focuses first on the highest value clicks that are most likely to lead to purchases (think of a click for directions from a search like “coffee shops near me”). Once those high value optimizations are running efficiently, we we shift efforts by creating content to prompt lower value clicks that support the overall subject matter authority of the brand and website (think of a click to the website for a search like “best kinds of coffee beans”).

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