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Before partnering with Terrayn, House of Green was doing well, but was struggling to figure out a strategy to take their business to the next level. They came to the conclusion that a major pain point hindering their growth was lack of online exposure and visibility.

House of Green is unique because they are responsible for the product they sell from start to finish; they produce some of Alaska’s finest hand-crafted cannabis. Their award winning cannabis is produced via their in-house cultivation side of the business registered as BAM—which stands for Bad Ass Marijuana.

Regardless of how good this product is, they knew a lack of foot traffic would make business growth a struggle. They also saw the need for bringing in the right tools to grow their online presence correctly, which is where the partnership with Terrayn began.

“Our specialty is cannabis—it’s not Google or how to make our business more visible—that’s something we’d been trying to achieve but didn’t have the tools to do it.”

After discussing strategy and their specific goals, we knew we could help House of Green grow and dominate their local market. We jumped in and immediately implemented our HyperLocal platform. The initial results were evident as people began to flood through their doors shortly after onboarding.

These are the digital properties Terrayn focused on for optimization:

  • Website – To boost organic and on-page demand generation strategies
  • Google Business Profile – For increased visibility on google maps when people search locally
  • Location Data – By auditing and expanding distribution of their localized data and geo-relevance signals in the RIGHT places and in the RIGHT way.

Another goal House of Green had was to serve more tourists visiting Anchorage. This targeted traffic was quickly acquired as a by-product of the increased rankings for terms like “Anchorage dispensary” and “dispensary near me”.

Increased exposure for key search terms has led to significant increases in sales and a substantial impact on the cash register. Aimee Altman, the general manager of House of Green, shared that even outside of tourist season, they are still reaching peak tourist sales numbers.

Key Actions Explained

  • Directions – The number of times users request driving directions to a business’s location from a Google Business Profile.
  • Calls – The number of times users click on a phone number to call the business from a Google Business Profile.
  • Clicks – The number of times users click on the link to visit the business’s website from a Google Business Profile.
  • Searches – The number of times the business’s Google Business Profile was shown to users in search results.

Actions Displayed From June 1, 2019 – Aug. 31, 2019

“On our end, our specialty is cannabis. It’s not Google or how to make our business more visible. That’s something we’d been trying to achieve but didn’t have the tools to do it. So far we’ve been pretty blown away. Right away we started seeing specific improvements on our visibility on Google, and then almost immediately we started seeing a change in our numbers in terms of sales. My mind is blown. The improvement is huge. We’ve added thousands more daily to our sales. It’s been incredible. People are finding us who maybe wouldn’t have found us before. We’re getting a lot more out of state IDs. And people that are searching for cannabis in Anchorage are finding us.”

Aimee Altman

Operations Director | House of Green

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